Business centers are becoming more and more widespread around the world. Offices are used by large companies to carry out conferences, learning courses, presentations of new projects, product exhibitions, as well as leasing of unoccupied areas to other businesses.

With the rise of networking technologies, the importance of using LED screens in offices increased too. Image on LED screens can be clearly seen in any lighting conditions, they are easy to install and maintain, and boast great reliability and financial viability.

Displays are now used during video conferencing, for presentations, learning, design and WOW-effects, for outdoor and indoor advertising, as well as to gain additional profits from leasing media facades, outdoor and indoor screens to other businesses.



Transparent screens permit light through and provide through-panel visibility.

Outstanding brightness

Perfect visibility in any lighting conditions, even in the brightest ones.

Noiseless operation

Optional fanless display cooling system.


Operational transportation and ease of installation even for large screens.

Brilliant visual appearance

Attractiveness of slim, smooth, transparent and clean surface.

Split design

Thanks to separate cabinets, display of any required dimensions can be rapidly installed.

Long-term durability

LEDs are durable thanks to lower wear-out rate and fewer breakdowns.

Installation and maintenance

Simplicity, ease and rapidness of maintenance without display disassembly.

Groundbreaking savings

Displays are energy efficient, time saving and easy to install. 


In almost every business center, large enterprises carry out videoconferences to discuss plans and close the books on results of work.

LED walls are the best solution for video conferences, massive vivid presentations of projects and high-quality graphs and diagrams when analyzing operating results.

Business centers have become popular to carry out trainings and learning courses for specialists. LED screens provide quality and clarity of large images, which is very important for many spheres of science. Screens are also capable of displaying graphs and diagrams in the shape of mosaics which allows to compare and analyze data on a large screen.

It is very easy to get lost in large business centers, that’s why the use of LED navigation screens is of high importance.
Displays help to look about and find a desired floor or room in a large center. Those can be seen from large distance but do not clutter up space and never offend the eye.

Variability of installation options – hanged, wall mounted, floor standing – allow to create a simple and smart navigation system. 

Maintenance of large spaces in business centers is very costly, so owners aim to gain additional profits by leasing their facilities or advertising airtime.

Leasing a media façade rapidly outweighs the costs and brings in substantive income. LED screens for facades are very popular for outdoor advertising as they provide clear image visibility over several kilometers in any weather conditions.

Besides, use of video advertising allows to draw even more attention from everyone, including pedestrians, passengers and transport drivers


LED screens for indoor advertising in business centers are also very popular. Advertising is placed by both owners and occupants of ad spaces.

Bright, lovely and memorable but at the same time nonintrusive images will tell about companies, their production, trainings and leasing offers.

Both large video walls and high-mobility screens are used for that purpose.

Stylish design and use of WOW-effect are also very important to draw attention to a business center. First and foremost, it is reception desk styling, as well as various video columns, video spheres, walls, floors and ceilings.

WOW-effects are remembered for a protracted period of time and people want to tell about them to their friends.
Undoubtedly, this substantially changes the flow of potential clients and occupants, that’s why such an investment is a complete win-win.

Bringing in new target customers and profiting from leasing are the main objectives of every business center. LED screens easily fulfil both of them.

Use of LED screens is becoming more widespread thanks to advantages like brightness and image quality, variety of sizes and forms, features of remote-control equipment, as well as ease of installation and maintenance of devices.

As for today, LED screens is a foolproof investment for office center development.

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