Command & control system is a complicated environment that includes communication, control and information and can help to cope with emergencies and noticeable event. Thanks to a big screen, data, information and multichannel video streaming is displayed precisely and flexibly which allows to gather live information.

Leading corporations, governments, broadcasting companies, utilities, security and traffic services rely on solutions for control rooms to monitor their networks, problem identification and solving. 

Cutting-edge video wall and image handling solutions are required to navigate big data, multiple video streams and computerized sources. Those solutions are crucial regardless of whether control room is meant for 200 operators who are employed by a telecommunications company, or for three engineers who lay oil and gas pipelines



Transparent screens permit light through and provide through-panel visibility.


Perfect visibility in any lighting conditions, even in the brightest ones.


Optional fanless display cooling system.


Operational transportation and ease of installation even for large screens.


Attractiveness of slim, smooth, transparent and clean surface.


Thanks to separate cabinets, display of any required dimensions can be rapidly installed.


LEDs are durable thanks to lower wear-out rate and fewer breakdowns.


Simplicity, ease and rapidness of maintenance without display disassembly.


Displays are energy efficient, time saving and easy to install.


Ministries of every country need to be in control of situation at local level and gather real-time information. These ministries include Ministries of Internal Affairs, of Emergency Situations, of Defense, of Ecology, of Economic Affairs as well as Departments of Transportation.

New cutting-edge solutions in the field of LED screens for C&C centers appear thanks to high research intensity, as well as to high demand from governments and companies. These solutions provide steadiness and stability of information flow.

High definition and image refresh rate on LED screens are a must for situation awareness and remote control of traffic management centers.

Monitoring system allows to emergently react to the current traffic situation provides operative administration of traffic lights, as well as gives an opportunity to inform road users about emergencies by means of remote-controlled display boards. Police officers also use photographic and video evidence to detect violations of traffic regulations.

LED screens are necessary for control rooms and research in the field of space. Massive and crispy images allow to see situation on the orbit with precise detail and structure of machinery blueprints, which is impossible on common monitors
It is impossible to imagine a flight control center without LED screens. Safety of passenger and cargo planes is ensured by a 24/7 clear and fail-safe live information transmission.

Many large industrial enterprises in different spheres regularly carry out video conferences to discuss plans and coordinate functioning for all divisions.
Video walls made of LED screens guarantee a crispy image of conference participants, massive and bright project presentations, as well as high-quality image of graphs and diagrams that reflect performance indicators.

Security posts are deployed at every enterprise and in every large building. LED screens help to monitor the status of every building section in real time.
Simple control provided by keyboard and mouse input allows security guards to deliver absolute safety, including fire protection, to people and equipment.

Research and development are carried out in every sphere and require an impressive number of specialists. An operations control center is a must for concurrence of actions and operative exchange of research findings between departments.

Seamless data transmission is provided by high-quality image of LED screens. This excludes mistakes when analyzing results of research which is very important in pharmacology, chemistry and physics, where complicated formulas are transmitted.

As for now, many universities and institutes open conference halls and dedicated rooms equipped with LED-based video walls.
Students can easily draw data from a computer onto a wall for better understanding of topic in scope. Image can also be projected in the shape of mosaics which empowers to compare and analyze data on a big screen.

Solutions for operator management are developed to make engineering, installation and maintenance more affordable.
Visualization of big data, multisource operation and handling of applications demand higher standards of imaging technique in the workplace.
Range of products on offer put this data into life, which allows to make real-time decisions in crucial environments. Hi-res LED video walls make this possible.

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