Rapid development of cutting-edge technologies provided businesses with a wide variety of ways to make a statement and attract buyers.

Use of LED screens in shopping malls is becoming more and more popular. LED screens are well visible on a large distance in any lighting conditions. They are reliable, cost saving, easy to install and maintain. 

Displays do nicely for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for navigation around mall, for entertainment programs, memorable WOW-effects, and for fancy and stylish interior design.



Transparent screens permit light through and provide through-panel visibility.


Perfect visibility in any lighting conditions, even in the brightest ones.


Optional fanless display cooling system.


Operational transportation and ease of installation even for large screens.


Attractiveness of slim, smooth, transparent and clean surface.


Thanks to separate cabinets, display of any required dimensions can be rapidly installed.


LEDs are durable thanks to lower wear-out rate and fewer breakdowns.


Simplicity, ease and rapidness of maintenance without display disassembly.


Displays are energy efficient, time saving and easy to install.


It is hard to imagine a mall without a bright sign at the entrance, because otherwise it will get lost in the shuffle of other buildings
LED screens are the best solution for outdoor advertising. Street displays for façades and store fronts are clearly seen from a distance of several kilometers in any time of day and night regardless of weather.

Use of dynamic ads allows to attract even more attention from pedestrians, car drivers and passengers.

LED screens also serve a function of indoor advertising in shopping centers.
LED screens allow for bright, attractive, memorable, but at the same time unobtrusive notifications about seasonal sales, new arrivals, fun activities, openings of new departments.
Such functionality will surely be appreciated by visitors of various age and gender.

Navigational system that uses LED screens is an ideal solution for massive shopping malls.
Displays won’t let anyone to get lost and endlessly search for the needed department. They are visible from a distance, do not clutter up space and never offend the eye.
Variability of installation options – hanged, wall mounted, floor standing – allow to create a navigation system even a child can understand.

LED screens are used in shopping malls to create the so-called WOW-effect. It suggests different variations of video columns, spheres, walls, floors and ceilings. 
WOW-effect sinks into the mind for a significant period of time and makes people want to share emotions about it and see it again and again.
There is no doubt that this considerably increases flow of potential customers, so it is a foolproof investment.

It is now on the front burner to carry out various entertainment events confined to a new season or a new sale in shopping malls.
Decoration of interiors with LED screens when organizing such events creates a positive holiday atmosphere.
Every visitor, be it a mature person or a kid, will remember the event, as well as the reason for it, be it a sale or market launch of a new product.

Undoubtedly, a well-decorated mall will make its visitors to return again and again.
LED screen remote control feature allows to set viewing options of tracks in accordance with age of visitors, as well as the time of day.
People would even want to have some rest after a hard day at work in such shopping center by sitting in comfortable armchair in front of a video column, or cheer up by walking on a video floor.

Objective of every shopping mall is to attract potential buyers and earn profits.
In the age of advanced technologies advertising on banners, newspapers and on TV is no longer relevant.

Use of LED displays is becoming more and more popular thanks to brightness and image quality, to variety of sizes and forms, to remote control features, to ease of installation and maintenance. 

As of now, LED screens is the most profitable investment for mall development.

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