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1. Application from the client

2. Manager contacts the client

3. We get cost estimates from several manufacturers

4. Set up a contract based on producer of client’s choice

5. Delivery & installation of the screen

6. Pre-commissioning work, staff training

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We calculate costs for 12 manufacturers and choose the best

We offer LED screens from China-based factories that have proved themselves as manufacturers of production which meets all European quality standards. All of these companies work in various price segments.

Honest specification

Some companies claim that they work with well-known factories, but don not name them and never disclose information about component makers. When it comes to us, you will always get a full specification with an indication of production plant, as well as a list of all components.

A complex approach

We have combined engineering know-how, creativity and love for technology so that you can buy LED screens and get a whole range of services in one place.

Valuable insights into LED screens

Xled Technologies - LED screens from manufacturers

Xled Technologies is a dealer of LED screens that offers a wide range of high-quality panels from China. We employ a complex approach to implement our projects and independently execute designing, delivery, service, warranty handling, as well as installation of LED screens, that’s why we provide high quality and reasonable prices. Xled operates all around the Russian Federation. From us, You can buy an outdoor or indoor LED screen, a media façade or any other product from the corresponding catalogue by filling in an online application or by sending a technical enquiry to info@xled.ru. Our manager will contact you to elaborate details if necessary and prepare a price quote with all technical characteristics and charges for the LED screen and its mounting.

We follow the market trends and strive to accommodate maximum of your requirements. A flexible production program provided by manufacturers and our loyalty to customers allow us to offer the best sales conditions for LED screens, as well as to increase our company’s turnover while maintaining high quality and competitive prices. At of today, we cooperate with 12 leading manufacturers of LED screens: Dicolor Optoelectronics, Liantronics, LightKing Tech Group, Absen, UniView, BAKO, Glux, Gloshine, MrLED, Unilumin, HTS, Leyard OptoElectronic. Output of each factory has been thoroughly checked and catalogued by our specialists. As a result, we possess a large database of LED displays, which allows us to propose optimal solutions for individual wants of our customers and provide you with a truly extensive range of options in various pricing tiers.