It is impossible to imagine a stadium without various LED screens. Development of technologies provides boundless opportunities for the sports industry.

Indicator boards, instant replays and advertising are the main purposes of digital screens in stadiums. On a modern stadium some fans might find it hard to see what’s going on in the field, and LED screens are a total gamechanger. 

Digital screens on stadiums expand opportunities for all fans and make them want to return again and again.



Transparent screens permit light through and provide through-panel visibility.

Outstanding brightness

Perfect visibility in any lighting conditions, even in the brightest ones.

Noiseless operation

Optional fanless display cooling system.


Operational transportation and ease of installation even for large screens.

Brilliant visual appearance

Attractiveness of slim, smooth, transparent and clean surface.

Split design

Thanks to separate cabinets, display of any required dimensions can be rapidly installed.

Long-term durability

LEDs are durable thanks to lower wear-out rate and fewer breakdowns.

Installation and maintenance

Simplicity, ease and rapidness of maintenance without display disassembly.

Groundbreaking savings

Displays are energy efficient, time saving and easy to install. 

Media cube is one of the most important attributes of sports events that has earned recognition from fans across all sports disciplines. It is used in both outdoor and indoor stadiums.

Media cubes allow for real-time translations, instant replays of attacks and goals, close up shots of best players, game score, as well as advertisements from team sponsors or stadium administration.

A doubtless advantage is the fact that image is visible to all fans, irrespective from their occupied seat. Plus, quality and clarity of the picture on LED screens is high both during daytime and with spotlight.

Sports scoreboard based on LED screens is visible to every fan whatever the lighting source is. Wide viewing angle and picture clarity guarantee adrenaline rush in the stands, which boosts heat in the field. 

During regular playtime scoreboards show the number of spectators and greet team members, which is also very important for players.

In half times scoreboards view ads. One got to admit that during playtime most eyes are often focused on scoreboards and in half times people often do the same reflexively.

It is not a secret that sponsorship is the force for sports. Maintaining a team, journeys, fees and punctual support for stadiums are costly.

LED screens on sports stadiums show sponsored ads and ads by leasers. Everyone, including fans, players and stadium workers, will remember bright image shown by the screens.

Media cubes, large demo screens and scoreboards, ad panels in half times, as well as sports perimeter and media signboards at stadium entrance – the choice is wide enough.

Modern sports arenas face heavy competition from live feed in sports clubs, in the street, in parks, as well as from online livestreams.

As a result, in order to change game rules, arenas and stadiums resort to digital display technology which shifts experience of a spectator to into a breathtaking experience of fans.

LED screens on stadiums come in different sizes, depending on their specific aim. Thanks to designers’ fantasy, panels can be rectangular, round, triangular and foursquare.

Every stadium has a main screen or a media cube that broadcasts the play. Small LED signs are also crucial for navigation around tribunes, passages and corridors. 

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