How to buy a LED screen from China?

Modern market is full of various offers on LED screen delivery. LED screens produced in China take up the leading place. What’s more, their quality and reliability is constantly growing. That is the reason why many world brands, which are the OEM-producers of LED screens, receive contract-based modules from Chinese enterprises. And it is no wonder since talented Chinese implementators have succeeded in keeping acceptable cost price of components and have increased considerably the quality of goods produced.

Chinese LED screen: main purchase mistakes

Many of those who are willing to buy a LED screen from China directly from the factory, face a number of unsolvable, at first glance, problems. Apart from language barrier, there can be the following difficulties:

  • The shortage of technical knowledge
  • Production nuances
  • Unfair companies-manufacturers
  • The features of supply, setting and installation of appliance, post-warranty service etc.

Mistake No 1: unfair companies-manufacturers

Undoubtedly, on the one hand, the transferal of world manufacturing values to the South-East Asia has stimulated the enhanced competitiveness and changed positively the quality-check system of goods produced in China.

However, on the other hand, the popularization of LED items production in China stimulated the creation of thousands of unfair companies-manufacturers longing to sell the goods, regardless of their quality. Moreover, the low labour costs played a significant role. In Chongqing alone (a town in Central China) there are concentrated hundreds of companies-manufacturers of various scale. And only a few of them can boast of European-quality products.

Mistake No 2: The shortage of technical knowledge (see FAQ)

Having chosen the supplier, we face a new problem – product quality check. Very often, aiming for cheapness, we turn a blind eye to technological characteristics of the product, persuading ourselves that the manufacturer knows better how to produce LED screens. As a result, we purchase non-persistent item which doesn’t correspond to the applied specifications or is simply defective. 

One more aspect of buying a product blindly is that you cannot always check the compliance of all LED screen components acquired in China. In this case, you can only hope for integrity of the supplier who doesn’t always have the feeling of moral responsibility.  

Mistake No 3 (the most wide-spread): nuances of installation, the setting of further service

Having bought the LED screen from China, one faces problems concerning the product usage peculiarities. Starting from the installation project, which must be done by a special organization, settings of image displaying and ending with the warranty service, personnel training, supply configuration problems and so on. 

How to solve the problems…

You can avoid the unfavorable consequences of all these mistakes and buy a durable LED screen from China by allocating all the responsibility for the supply on the shoulders of an experienced Russian dealer from reliable factories-manufacturers, and in fact with no considerable valuation increase. It is reached due to maximal decrease of non-core expenses, high dealer discounts, free dealer supply with necessary instruments, modern technologies and spare parts.