In addition to its visual splendor, the media facade we installed at the "Automobili" shopping complex in Moscow offers remarkable functionality. Its strategic placement captures the attention of the daily stream of passing vehicles, making it an investment of tremendous value. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed clients for their pleasant and cooperative collaboration. Together, we have achieved this marvel of modern technology, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle that is impossible to ignore. The synergy between our technical expertise and creative vision has resulted in a media facade that not only meets regulatory standards but also delivers an immersive visual experience. The carefully selected pixel pitch of 25-31 ensures optimal viewing even from considerable distances, perfectly aligning with the needs of the shopping complex's location. This project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations. We take immense pride in our work and remain eager to tackle new challenges, constantly striving to push the boundaries of innovation in creating distinctive and unforgettable media facades.

As a result, we have achieved an incredible spectacle that is simply impossible to pass by without notice! And it is also highly functional. Considering the daily flow of passing vehicles, it is difficult to overestimate the rationality of such an investment.

We would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed clients for their pleasant and collaborative partnership. Together, we have been able to create this marvel of modern technology!


  • Model

    EA2531 EMC

  • Screen size

    304.5 sq.m.

  • Pixel Pitch

    25мм - 31мм.

  • Pixel Density

    1280 шт./кв.м.

  • Brightness

    >8000 nit

  • Color depth

    16 bit

  • Update frequency

    up to 3000 Hz

  • Frame frequency

    60 fps

  • Transparency


  • Ingress Protection Code


  • Operating temperature range

    -40С ~ 60C

  • A light weight

    11.5kg per 1 sq.m.


Typically, for the installation of media facades that are not located on the building's edge, a rear-access method is chosen. This involves creating a structure behind the screen that allows personnel to access and replace faulty components. However, in this particular case, a front-access method was chosen for the installation of the media facade, along with a slim metal framework. This decision was made because the facade is situated on the rooftop of the building, providing easier accessibility compared to traditional building-mounted screens. By simply installing a tower, our specialists can easily access the structure. With each project, we carefully consider functionality and strive to offer our clients the most convenient and advantageous solution. Our extensive years of experience enable us to do so effectively. Revised: Each project we undertake is approached from a functional standpoint, and we propose the most convenient and beneficial solution to our clients. In the case of the media facade installation, situated on the rooftop of the building, we opted for a front-access method and a sleek metal framework.

Project Features

  • EASE 

    A distinctive feature of this screen is that it consists of light cabinets, this model can be installed even on glass surfaces!


    Cabinets LIGHTKING series EA 2531 are FULLY waterproof, which allows you to successfully operate the media facade in ALL weather conditions.


    Fully complies with Decree 712 of the Government of Moscow and meets the requirements of the FSO "On electromagnetic radiation", has an EMC class B certificate. Allows you to easily obtain permission to install in Moscow.

We work 'TURNKEY'

2. Logistics services for the supply of the screen and customs clearance of the product.

4. Service.

1. Screen selection advice. Field demonstration of the product. Examination of the installation site. Design project development, video and photo visualization.

3. Design and installation of metal structures and electrical networks. Screen installation and commissioning. Training.

Our clients

LED media facade Lightking EA2531 EMC

The EA2531 EMC has a pixel pitch of 27.9 mm and a recommended viewing distance of 22 meters. Brightness 8000 candela. Type of installation - stationary, i.e. fastening systems do not require quick dismantling.