The customer was the largest advertising agency in the city, which owns a huge number of digital surfaces for advertising. In the modern technological world, there is a tendency to reduce the pixel pitch and reduce the power consumption of screens, if earlier everyone installed billboards with a pixel pitch of P20 mm, now they are replacing them with more clear and high-quality P6-P10 mm. For this project, we chose the best option for reasons of "price-quality". This option turned out to be screens from the largest manufacturing plant LIGHTKING, whose products are supplied to 114 countries of the world and have all possible certificates confirming the perfect quality and safety. To create an ideal picture, our company's engineers chose a pixel pitch of P8 mm.


The screens have a high contrast ratio and brightness of 6000 nits, a refresh rate of 1920 Hz and a very LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - 30% (up to 200W per 1 sq.m.), which can significantly reduce costs. Such billboards are the most common type of outdoor screens. The screens are clear and bright, they have transformed and illuminated the streets of the beautiful city of Tula. 

All work was completed on time, in absolute accordance with the approved project, which the customer noted in a letter of thanks⠀ We are happy that every time we meet your expectations and try to make this world more colorful and technological!


  • Model


  • Total area 6 screens

    235 м2

  • Pixel Pitch

    8 мм.

  • Pixel Density

    15,625 pieces/sq.m.

  • Brightness

    >6000 nit

  • Color depth

    16 bit

  • Update frequency

     1920 Hz

  • Frame frequency

    60 fps

  • Minimum viewing distance

    from 6 m

  • Degree of protection


  • Operating temperature range

    -40С ~ 60C

  • Cabinet weight

    45 kg


Our company has been installing advertising structures since 2006, having gained vast experience during this time, which allows us to mount screens of perfect quality in the shortest possible time. We employ the best technical specialists who know their work to the smallest detail! During the implementation of this project, the "EC8 Outdoor LED Screen" from the Lightking factory was chosen, designed to work in difficult conditions: high humidity, dust, high or low temperatures. Compared to indoor models, it has lower pixel density but higher screen brightness. You can see the installation process in the video on the right!

Project Features


    A distinctive feature of this screen is that it consists of strong iron cabinets, which has a very important protective function.


    This screen model has a very low level of power consumption (only 200 watts per m2), which can significantly reduce the cost of its operation.


    This model has a pixel pitch of only 8 mm, which allows you to broadcast an ideal picture in quality.

We work 'TURNKEY'

2. Logistics services for the supply of the screen and customs clearance of the product.

4. Service.

1. Screen selection advice. Field demonstration of the product. Examination of the installation site. Design project development, video and photo visualization.

3. Design and installation of metal structures and electrical networks. Screen installation and commissioning. Training.

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The EC8 has a pixel pitch of 8mm and a recommended viewing distance of 6 meters. The brightness is 6000 candela, which ensures excellent visibility of the LED screen image even on a bright sunny day. Cabinet weight 45.00 kg. Type of installation - stationary, i.e. fastening systems do not require quick dismantling.