In addition to its remarkable features, the LED floor screen provided by X LED company sets a new standard in broadcasting technology. Its seamless integration into the Vremya Pokazhet program's TV studio on the FIRST CHANNEL captivates viewers with its stunning visuals and immersive experience.

The advanced pixel pitch and enhanced protective properties ensure not only a crystal-clear image but also safeguard the LED floor from any damage, even when subjected to the pressure of stiletto heels. This combination of functionality and durability makes it a groundbreaking solution for the television industry.

The versatility of this custom-made model goes beyond its floor-mounting capability. It can be effortlessly installed on walls in a vertical orientation, offering flexibility in designing captivating visual displays. With its fine 4mm pixel pitch, the LED screen produces an ideal picture quality that enhances the overall visual experience for both hosts and viewers.

To ensure convenience and ease of use, the set includes dedicated legs for floor installation and tour cases for seamless transportation. This thoughtful approach simplifies the setup process and allows for hassle-free mobility, providing a seamless experience for various broadcasting needs.

By incorporating LED screens into TV studios, X LED company has spearheaded a technological revolution in the industry. This breakthrough innovation simplifies the production process, empowering broadcasters to accomplish a wide range of tasks with just a few clicks on their computers. The future of broadcasting is now brighter and more technologically advanced, thanks to the pioneering efforts of X LED company.

No matter the scale or complexity of your requirements, X LED company is committed to finding the best solutions tailored to your specific needs. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation, making the world a more vibrant and captivating place.


  • Model

    FLOOR 4.8

  • Screen size

    20 м2



  • Pixel Pitch

    4,81 мм.


  • Pixel Density

    43,264 pieces/sq.m.


  • Brightness

    >3500 nit


  • Color depth

    14 bit


  • Update frequency

    3840 Hz


  • Average power consumption

    240 kW


  • Нагрузка на 1м2

    up to 1200 kg/m2


  • Ingress Protection Code


  • Operating temperature range

    -40С ~ 60C

  • Life time

    100,000 hours


We work 'TURNKEY'

2. Logistics services for the supply of the screen and customs clearance of the product.

4. Service.

1. Screen selection advice. Field demonstration of the product. Examination of the installation site. Design project development, video and photo visualization.

3. Design and installation of metal structures and electrical networks. Screen installation and commissioning. Training.

Project Features


    Cabinets of this screen can be installed both on the floor and on the wall.


    The pixel pitch of only 4 mm allows you to create the perfect picture.


    The screen cabinet can withstand a load of up to 1200 kg per m2, you can run and jump on it!

Our clients


Floor 4.8 has a pixel pitch of 4.81 mm, the recommended distance to the viewer is 4 meters. The brightness is 3500 candelas, which ensures good visibility of the LED screen image in the daytime. Cabinet weight 13.00 kg. Installation type - rental. Rental screens are equipped with a quick lock design for installation and dismantling.