XLED has installed LED media facade in the Tomsk shopping and entertainment complex Megapolis

On the eve of the New 2016 on the facade of one of the biggest Tomsk shopping centers "Megapolis" first LED media facade has been installed a new LED outdoor screen. For the project's implementation XLED experts used a pinion type LED by Dicolor - one of the world's largest manufacturers of LED screens, our company being the official representative of which in the Russian Federation. This solution has significantly reduced structural weight and wind load. Area was up to 84 square meters with a pixel pitch (ie, the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of another pixel) of 31.25 mm, brightness of 7,000 cd / m², refresh rate of 3000 Hz.

The complexity of the project was the installation of the video screen on a building glass facade that was also convex in shape. Architectural design office made a decision according to which support arms have been extended through the glass windows, a metal frame later was installed on those support arms. Ten years of experience in metal structures allow our specialists to proceed with the installation on their own.

LED media facades are recently getting more widespread. And it is due to several factors: first, due to technological progress a gradual decline in the cost of LEDs, LED screens are more cheap; secondly, reduction of purchasing power of the population, stimulating the development of more active competition to attract buyers; thirdly, LED screens commercials is an additional source of income.

If you are interested in this project and you plan to install LED media facade, you can contact our specialists by phone 8 800 700 8680 or by e-mail info@xled.ru