Xled Technologies employees are going to visit an international LED technology exhibition

Guangzhou, China will host an international ISLE - Intelligent Signs and LED Exhibition in February this year.

An annual exhibition ISLE LED-technology is one of the largest events in LED technology, which attracts a great number of participants from all over the world. 22-27 February 2016 on Padzhou's 100 thousand square meters venue more than 100 thousand LED-industry professionals will meet. More than 1,000 exhibitors will be featured, which include the most advanced developments such as 3D-screens, small LED displays (up to 0.88 mm), screens of unusual shapes and so on.

Xled Technologies employees will participate in the exhibition in order to expand LED technology market in Russia. The main objective is to find new LED technologies that meet the highest international standards for the Russian market. XLED cooperates closely with its Asian suppliers and is always ready to offer its customers new LED products.