LED screen for Eurovision

Minsk has witnessed the final qualifying round for participating in Eurovision-2016, and the main decoration of the evening was a unique LED screen

Last weekend witnessed the final qualifying event among Belarusian artists, the winner of which will go to Eurovision-2016. Of course, the organization of such a significant event in the world of pop music had to be held at a high level.

"Belarus 1" and "Belarus-24" channels broadcasted live, with contest taking place in "600 metrov" – a studio owned by Belteleradio. To emphasize the importance of the qualifying stage and creating a suitable atmosphere for each performance a unique LED screen constructed specifically for the studio has been used.

The LED screen is a collage of one large and many small displays of various shapes, all working in a synchronous mode. Thus, the fragmentation of the LED screen and the broadcast of the same video on all the screens granted audience an incredible feeling.

We will not talk about the winners of the qualifying competition - see for yourself and make sure you know the best opportunities for concert stage design with the use of LED screens. Find an ideal LED solution with the help of XLED managers.

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