LED screens in the world of cinema

The newest innovative LED screens from the leading manufacturer will bring movie theaters performance to a new level

Cinema as an art has come into our life relatively recently (in comparison with other types of art) and has since been developing quite rapidly, constantly using its arsenal of high-tech developments to maximize the viewer's involvement in the action on the screen.

One of these inventions is the LightVibes - a unique system of LED screens for cinemas from Philips. It is a series of LED-panels, which are located on three walls: in front of the audience, to the right and to the left. This solution allows using peripheral vision and even deeper plunge into the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen - or rather, screens, LED panels to the right and to the left are synchronized with the main screen and complement the live image with new colors and effects.

According to the surveys, more than 80% of the viewers attending cinemas equipped with LightVibes system reported an improvement in the video broadcast perception; more than half prefer it to an ordinary movie theater and are even willing to pay a higher price for a ticket to.

According to the manufacturers, the use of LightVibes LED screens system is suitable not only for cinemas; this is an excellent opportunity for better information conveying to the audience in concert halls, as well as creating unique memorable commercials that are the future of advertising.

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