LED screen installation

Modern means of advertising require more complex design solutions. Latest trend in the outdoor advertising - LED screens - are not an exception. What do you need to know if you are planning to install a LED-screen?

The first step is to consider all the design features - not only of the screen, but also of the place where it is to be mounted. As a rule, LED screens are supplied disassembled, so before assembly the performance of each element should be checked. LED-elements can be faulty, but it is quite natural for individual boards to periodically burn out. Therefore, quality installation should acknowledge the possibility of rapid replacement of any faulty design element.

There are several types of LED-screen location:

  • Installation on support. Used in outdoor advertising and further enhanced by metal structures.
  • Suspended mounting. Most commonly used for indoor projects, but can also be installed outdoors. LED screens are mounted by means of racks, cables and frame.
  • City format. A new installation type - installation of ready-made light boxes with LED lamps.
  • Media facades - the most complicated and expensive structure consisting of several circuit boards attached on ropes. Its main advantage is flexibility that allows it to take form of the building on which it is mounted.

The cost of LED-screens is much higher than ordinary billboards, so incorrect installation can lead to structural failure and, as a result, huge losses. To avoid this, one should resort to the professionals who will install the equipment and ensure its longevity. XLED supplies and installs LED screens worldwide and has great experience in this field. Highly professional specialists constantly improving their skills and knowledge in the field of mounting LED structures provide reliable and high-quality installation and reasonable prices.

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