Seven reasons to place your ad on a LED media facade

Today it is difficult to imagine any major city without LED screens (or media facades). In this article we will talk about the benefits of this type of advertising.

  1. LED screens, as opposed to other types of outdoor advertising, actually decorate the surrounding area. They modernize any building emphasizing its appearance and architecture and becoming an integral part of its exterior.
  2. Media facades do not only attract people's attention because of their dynamic construction. As recent studies reveal, LED screen advertising in a big city is seen about one million people every day!
  3. Durability - another significant advantage of using LED-screens. LED module mesh is made of waterproof material, and screens themselves have sufficient strength to withstand different weather conditions. That is why they can be installed in any environment, even in the Far North.
  4. LED technology is popular also due to low power consumption that today, in the era of energy conservation, is one of the most important criteria of business conduct.
  5. A wide range of usage: thanks to programmability, LED screens can perform many different functions: in addition to advertising, they can become a carrier of information and educational materials, broadcast concerts and sports events and many other things.
  6. Media facades can be absolutely any shape, allowing you to create any design not only in form of simple geometric objects, but also as a work of art.
  7. High image quality. In today's world, people appreciate quality and it becomes a measure for everything, including advertising. HD images with maximum detail do not cause negative emotions and make people think positively, which leads to the success of the campaign.

If you have not yet installed LED screens for your business - it's time to do it. Call us and xLED specialists will answer any questions and help you to choose the option that you need.

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