Mobile LED-screen

Rescue team in Podolsk held a unique operation using LED technology 

Public awareness and prevention are perhaps one of the most important and at the same time most difficult duties of the rescue service. It is important not only to tell people the information, but the people should also learn it. And this time, Podolsk rescue services made a wise choice of information means.

They used a specially equipped truck with a LED screen on board. Inside the truck was the operator station, who monitored the broadcast and correct equipment operation. LED screen size was 2 x 3 meters and was equipped with speakers. Thus, the mobile station quickly alerted citizens both visually and with the help of an audio stream and conveyed important information to every citizen of Podolsk.

It is estimated that one hour of work of such a complex, social video can be seen on average by 100 people. Efficiency of the LED screen truck exceeds other notification methods, so rescue services will actively use this kind of information in the future.

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