Largest external concave LED-screen - in Ibiza!

Next year a popular youth resort will install the largest external concave LED screen in the world

Ibiza is a place to amaze and surprise. Every year this island presents something new to its visitors, and 2016 will not be an exception.

Hotel Hard Rock Ibiza announced its plans to install the largest LED display with a concave screen. The area of the ​​LED-display will be no less than 400 square meters: 30 meters high and 13.2 meters wide. Potential advertisers are lined up to display their ads on such a unique venue.

Another feature of the Ibiza LED screen is its concavity: due to the curvature of 8.7 degrees there is an effect of image depth and a 3D-image sensation.

Broadcast will be carried out around the clock without any interruptions; in addition, videos will be available for interaction on the Internet.

Learn more about LED screens and the possibilities of their usage from XLED managers.

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