Striking football season opening

Philips has introduced a new "Allianz Arena" stadium with a giant LED facade

Everybody knows that football is probably the most popular sports game in the world. Every football match played by favorite team is truly a feast for the eyes of loyal fans. To make the event even more striking the home stadium of the famous "Bavaria" football club has been completely transformed by the use of LED technology. 

26 thousand square meters is a figure that captures imagination. This is the new media facade area of the stadium, made of 300 thousand LEDs and with transmitting capacity of up to 16 million colors. And that's not all the figures: more than seven kilometers of hi-tech lamps, hundreds of sensors and five thousand meters of cable have been used. You have to agree that the scale of LED-design is impressive.

But far more impressive is the result of all this work. The huge arena has a life of its own: during football matches it will transmit the critical moments of the game, as well as the "wave" and morale support of the fans. In between the matches the stadium will not be idle: media facades will display scenarios in "Bavaria" colors.

What can we say, "Bavaria" football club knows how to make their fans' day. And how can you surprise your customers? Consult XLED and our managers will help you to choose the right LED solution!

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