LED office building screen in San Francisco became a part of a digital art show

Urban artists more frequently resort to modern technology to implement their own ideas and plans. Refik Anadol, a famous artist, was not an exception. He created a digital painting called Public Art.

Public Art is a continuous broadcast on an unusual LED screen of ​​245 sqr meters (20 meters in width and 11 meters in height) and with a 6 mm pixel pitch. Display is unusual in form: it is bent by 90 degrees so it bends around the corner of the wall. Moreover, the screen can be seen from outside the building: architectural design provides for glass walls through which any passerby can enjoy the visuals on the LED screen.

The footage is continuously alternating abstract shapes that tell a story - that of San Francisco and its residents. High image quality is ensured by almost seven million LEDs, with the LED screen’s resolution of 3480 x 1960 pixels.

Digital Public Art canvas becomes yet another proof of how important LED technology is in our lives. Learn more about the possibilities of using LED-screens for your business from XLED managers.

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