"Transparent" trucks

Official launch of the Safety Truck project based on LED screens

Earlier on our website we have looked into this concept based on Samsung Safety Truck. The essence of the project is as follows: large-tonnage trucks are to be equipped with the LED screens that will show the road ahead to the drivers behind the truck. Enhanced resolution image is to be displayed on the LED-screen in real time and transmitted from two cameras built into the front of the truck. This innovation will allow drivers to ensure safe overtaking, which in turn will reduce accident rate during this maneuver.

From words right to the point. The concept could have failed at different stages of implementation but it has successfully passed all the red tape, and this year it will be officially introduced on Argentina`s roads. Safety Truck test duration will be 12 months, the results of which will be the consistency or inconsistency of the LED project.

This innovation once again proves the limitless possibilities of the use of LED technology. You should also use LED screens for your business - contact now XLED and our competent specialists will advise you on the subject!