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Results of Integrated Systems Europe 2016 international exhibition and new solutions in the field of LED technology

Integrated Systems Europe 2016 Exhibition is the biggest event in the AV-industry that has global significance. Every year more than a thousand participants from all over the world present new developments which will be launched in the near future in LED-technology.

One of the exhibition's features was video walls installation composed of concurved OLED-screens. These LED displays curved forms are characterized by high brightness and contrast, as well as screen thickness - every year they are getting thinner and thinner.

Another hit that earned an increased public interest were transparent LED screens. Previously, this technology was used on LCD-displays, but the idea had obvious shortcomings: a bright light was needed so that the image could be seen with a naked eye. Now, with the use of OLED-displays, this is no longer needed. Transparent interactive screens that allow you to interact with each other and make up entire walls - perhaps very soon they will become a new trend in shop windows design.

In addition to new forms, the live image quality has also been improved. Much hype has been caused by an 432-inch LED screen of 9,6 by 5,4 meters with a 1.2 mm pixel pitch and a 8K4K resolution. Other screens with a 0.9 mm pixel pitch were also presented.

LED technology today is a must not only for businesses, but also for ordinary people. If you want the focus to be on your business on a regional or even international level, keep up with global trends and begin to use LED screens for products presentation today. XLED will help you with this.

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