Unique "Eurovision" stage

International Music Competition will be equipped with the latest LED screens that will destroy all stereotypes

Eurovision is a competition on the venue of which annually not only musicians from different European countries compete, but also the organizers of the event. Each country thinks that it is obliged to surprise the audience with something new and go down in history as the best competition organizer.

Sweden is one step closer to the realization of this dream through the use of LED technology. So far, the organizers do not disclose all the information, but they did lift the veil of secrecy a bit, and this is enough to say with confidence that this year there will be something grand in Stockholm.

A new stage design trend included the installation of LED screens, not just as a normal background: with special mood lighting and breaking up the screen to LED panel, located chaotically on the scene, creates a unique optical illusion which will give the audience a sense of infinity.

The contest will be held on May 10-14 in Stockholm, Sweden. Russia is represented by Sergey Lazarev with a new song by Philip Kirkorov.

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