Entrance to the mall or immersion in another reality?!
Those who say that one must either do well or not do at all are right. Of course, it was possible to hang banal ball-lanterns under the ceiling of the recently opened shopping and entertainment center, but then it would hardly have differed from thousands of similar premises throughout the country.
Fortunately, our customer from the new Nora Children's Mall thought differently, and you can see the result with your own eyes.
As a result, it turned out so spectacular and grandiose that visitors, once impressed, subconsciously feel that this institution is on a completely different level from their own kind, and they are unlikely to ever want to return to ordinary shopping centers. Moreover, children's emotions from what they see are ten times stronger. For them, not only the feeling of inner space completely changes, the flexible children's imagination draws fairy-tale worlds, colorful kaleidoscopes, spaceships, here time stops for children. And their parents, behind the riot of colors and images, it is difficult to distinguish between some pixels, LEDs and LED panels, all this is more like magic!

   LED ceilings are not yet a very common luxury for our country. (This project is the second one in Russia.) But, it should be noted that LED technologies for decorating restaurants, shopping centers, stadiums, theaters and much more are already widely used by business owners. many have already recognized the fact that video screens are not only an aesthetic, but also an excellent investment that brings considerable income as a platform for advertising. Contact us to create a high-tech atmosphere! We will find the perfect solution for your business!


  • Model


  • Screen size

    306,4 м2

  • Pixel Pitch

    20 мм.

  • Average power consumption

    160 Вт

  • Brightness

    >800 нит

  • Color depth

    16 бит

  • Update frequency

    1920 Hz

  • Frame frequency

    60 fps

  • Transparency


  • Degree of protection


  • Operating temperature range

    -20С ~ 60C

  • Cabinet weight

    14 kg


In this project, the difficulty was that the ceiling was mounted at a height of about 15 meters, there is no access to it from the roof, but since it is located in the atrium, scaffolding was used for its installation. The installation itself was carried out by professional climbers, and lifting mechanisms were used to lift equipment and tools to a height.

In the photo you can see the process of commissioning and setting up the LED ceiling.

IMPORTANT! Model CI-20 is one of the few models that are suitable for ceiling installation, as it consists of LIGHTWEIGHT MESH cabinets, which allows the FIRE EXTINGUISHING AND SMOKE EXTRACTION systems to function smoothly. Accordingly, there will be no problems with the approval of this model by the fire inspectorate. It fully complies with ALL FIRE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS!

Project Features

    A unique project for Russia! The second screen on the ceiling, but the first in scale!.

    This screen model fully complies with the fire safety requirements for the shopping center.

    Due to its low weight and mesh structure of the cabinet, this model is ideal for ceilings.

We work 'TURNKEY'

2. Logistics services for the supply of the screen and customs clearance of the product.

4. Service.

1. Screen selection advice. Field demonstration of the product. Examination of the installation site. Design project development, video and photo visualization.

3. Design and installation of metal structures and electrical networks. Screen installation and commissioning. Training.

Our clients


"LED Ceiling CI-20" from the factory "xLED"CI-20 has a pixel pitch of 20 mm, the recommended distance to the viewer is 16 meters. The brightness is 800 candela, which makes it possible to use this LED screen only indoors. Cabinet weight 14.00 kg. Type of installation - stationary, i.e. fastening systems do not require quick dismantling.

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