Screens for a banquet hall (stage, reception, karaoke stage)

What does it take to amaze and delight us? Huge halls? Expensive finish? - No! Unfortunately, we are very spoiled and in order to surprise us, we need a wave of emotions akin to a tsunami, moreover, it necessarily passes through all our senses. And this flow must be maintained, otherwise even the most grandiose view can get boring after a short time. But how to create a “tsunami of admiration”? The answer is simple - the spectacle should be large-scale and of high quality. The view should capture the maximum angle of view, the more, the deeper the dive. So we came to the answer why the Mir entertainment complex on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is considered the best in Russia. So, we are proud to present our new project - equipping the largest, most luxurious entertainment complex in Russia with LED screens, after which it received the epithets “the best” and “the most modern”. What was done:

1) Impressive in size and image quality LED screen in the banquet hall. Its width is 8.2 meters, height is 6.2 meters. The pixel pitch is only 4mm, which allows you to perceive a picture of amazing resolution, contrast and color saturation.

2) In a smaller karaoke room, we installed a screen of the appropriate scale. With the same distance between pixels, its width is 4.6 meters and its height is 3.1 meters. According to the rave reviews that come to us from visitors, everyone who has visited karaoke at least feels like a pop star.
3) And finally, it will be said without too much modesty, an excellent design solution - an unusually stylish curved screen at the reception.

Upon completion of the installation of LED screens, the shopping center sparkled with new colors - bright, juicy, attracting the attention of potential visitors. ⠀The installation of LED screens in restaurants, bars, karaoke, banquet and concert halls is becoming an important competitive factor that cannot be ignored. Trust the professionals - order LED screens from XLED, and the results will not keep you waiting!⠀


  • Model


  • Screen size

    53,48 кв.м. + 11,01 кв.м + 14,42 кв.м.

  • Pixel Pitch

    4 мм.

  • Pixel Density

    62,500 pixels/sq.m.

  • Brightness

     2000 nit

  • Color depth

    14 bit

  • Update frequency

    до 1200 Hz

  • Frame frequency

    60 fps

  • Viewing angle

    140  х140 

  • Ingress Protection Code


  • Operating temperature range

    -20С ~ +60C

  • Life time

    100 000 hours


1. A feature of the installation in this project is that the screen located in the reception area has a concave shape, to create the desired shape, a product manufactured under our brand in a modular design was used. The advantage of modular assembly is that it allows you to mount screens of any shape.

2. Due to the special operating conditions of the screens for the stages in the banquet hall and the karaoke hall (high noise and vibration levels on the dance floor), our company's specialists designed special reinforced metal structures and used cabinets with an increased vibration resistance coefficient. This allows you to significantly increase the life of the screens.

3. In the photo you can see the photo binding made by the designers before the project was completed.

Project Features


    A distinctive feature of this project is that one of the screens is bent along the radius.


    The FI-4 series screen provides high image quality even at short distances.


    We designed special metal structures that reduce the vibration coefficient on the stages.

We work 'TURNKEY'

2. Logistics services for the supply of the screen and customs clearance of the product.

4. Service.

1. Screen selection advice. Field demonstration of the product. Examination of the installation site. Design project development, video and photo visualization.

3. Design and installation of metal structures and electrical networks. Screen installation and commissioning. Training.

Our clients


FI-4_HR_F has a pixel pitch of 4 mm, the recommended distance to the viewer is 3 meters. The brightness is 1200 candela, which allows this LED screen to be used indoors only. Cabinet weight 12.00 / 15.00 / 18.00 / 8.20 kg. Installation type - stationary