Former laboratory will be a media platform

Tesla4000 project was familiar for the capital residents for a long time: something was being constructed, created in the area of ​​Entusiast highway, and young Moscovits lived in anticipation of a new platform that will meet the most advanced technical requirements.

The name of the project came from the building itself, which will house Tesla4000, - in this old Soviet laboratory a gigantic Tesla transformer was installed. Today, the laboratory has been revived after the installation of a huge media facade, which at night lights up the Third Transport Ring, and interior design, including the installation of LED screens for various events inside the building.

The opening theme sets the tone for the entire project: the city of the future. The main event will take place on the roof of the building and corresponding futuristic atmosphere will be achieved by a specially selected video broadcast on the LED facade. Thus the organizers emphasize the absence of any restrictive framework: a platform is not limited by the interior of the building, but it also includes the surrounding area.

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