Luminous walls

A huge step forward in LED-technology was the development of luminous panels, which are used in various fields today. They consist of many programmable modules, which have sound-insulating properties and eliminate echo like a real wall. However, their main feature is the ability to transmit moving images. Thus, LED walls not only act as illuminators, but they also broadcast media content.

The use of LED panels has instantly resonated around the world. Today they can be found in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, sports stadiums and supermarkets. Their role is an unobtrusive creation of an appropriate atmosphere, which allows not only to win over people and to advertise the product discreetly to potential buyers.

What is interesting is the use of LED panels in health sector. Specialists noted that LED-technology walls have a beneficial impact on people undergoing treatment in hospitals. These walls reduce the noise level in the wards and a specially designed visual effect soothes patients and contributes to their quick recovery.

The use of LED technology is constantly expanding, and this depends not only on producers, but also from us - consumers. Learn more about LED screens from XLED professionals, and - who knows? - maybe you will become the next pioneer of LED-technology.

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