Smart shoes

Clothes design in recent years is more associated with the use of high technology, and in particular this applies to sportswear and shoes - because the state of health and the results of the athlete largely depend on it. However, the looks are  equally important, because, as you know, frequently people are judged based on what they wear. Rehabstudios company literally looked into the future providing a new concept of sports shoes.

Shift Sneakers claim to be perhaps the most durable footwear today. And it is not only due to their high quality. The main feature is their ability to change color. Thus, these shoes will never get boring for their owner.

The color change occurs with the help of special textile fibers that have conductive properties. They are used as light-emitting diodes: as soon as they receive an electrical impulse,  the phase shifts, and footwear acquires a different color.

You can control the color of your shoes by telephone: an application for smartphones allows using Bluetooth wireless technology to do it in a matter of seconds. There are several options in the app: Selfie Pack (for color matching shoes to clothing); Running Pack (to change color depending on the intensity of training); Cycling Pack (to highlight a cyclist on the road) and Connection Pack (to copy the color of friends' shoes).

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